You either have it or know someone who does… or did.

Cervical. Kidney. Lung. Breast. Heart.
These particular ones affect or have affected
some of the most important people in our lives.

Tomorrow is my first day at work as a new radiation therapist and I’m overwhelmed and humbled by even having the opportunity to treat cancer patients. I can’t help but feel emotional about it because the one person who inspired me to be where I am today, is no longer here. I wish I could just call her and get lost in those conversations we used to have. All I can say is: the people in your life that selflessly guided you and celebrated your strengths, are people you hold on to for the rest of your life.

Before I got into oncology, I always wondered, “how do people do it? how do people work around patients like these and feel strong enough for them?” Well, now that I’m here, I figured it out.

Every single day I get to go to work, I know I have the privilege of making a difference in someone’s life. Whether that be curative in one’s disease, palliative to make their days go by a little easier, or just by offering them a listening ear every day I see them. These patients are on a journey that they didn’t choose, and I want to help them along the way in any way I can. Radiation therapy is unique because I get to see the same patients everyday for five or six weeks sometimes. You really get the chance to know someone in this amount of time. 

I can’t ever promise someone that I can fix all of their problems, but I can promise that they won’t have to face them alone.

Looking forward to meeting all of my new patients tomorrow.



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  1. The patients you get to work with will be blessed in this life to be in the hands of a caring practitioner. The kindness and compassion you have for them will be the strength they need to carry on. Kick ass, girl ❤️


  2. You have no idea how much your
    compassion will mean to your patients! You will be blessed with the lessons you will learn from them, and they will be blessed by your compassion. We have seen first hand what an impact practitioners can have on a patients outlook.
    We certainly didn’t choose this
    cancer journey, but we have been fortunate in so many ways. We are really looking forward to our summer of travel, checking some National Parks off the list along the way! Camper is in driveway now and getting prepped for the road. First stop is family reunion,
    Next stop is Palo Duro Canyon, then we will throw a dart at the map to decide next stop!


    1. Kim, this means so much to me!! You guys are gonna have SUCH a great time exploring and checking off those bucket list things. Wish we could join you guys in some of the adventures, but we can’t wait to hear about everything and see photos!


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