pura vida in costa rica.

Could Michael and I just pick up our life and move to Costa Rica?! It sounds like a stretch, but we did look into jobs recently…

When we visited here, we didn’t want to leave. Michael has traveled all over the world, and it became his favorite place he’s ever visited. I haven’t traveled as much, but it was easily the best place I’ve ever been to as well. The food was freaking delicious (arroz con pollo all day please), the fresh juices were so cheap, the people were warm and welcoming, the outdoor adventures were endless, and the ocean water was warm to swim in. I could truly go on and on.

We are also linking our two favorite Airbnb’s we stayed at because they are must-stays.

We flew into San José and did not stay over a day there. It’s just a typical big city!

Below are most of the places we visited and some memorable moments from them.


Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
Airbnb #1

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We slept underneath a mosquito net here with ALL of these sliding doors open. We woke up to the sounds of monkeys and birds and rustling trees. We STILL cannot get over this place. 😍
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We stopped by the local fish market to grab the catch of the day and other ingredients to cook our own dinner! We played cards and just hung out the rest of the evening.
This same Airbnb had this pool so we definitely swam and played some music one evening. We were here for two nights.

We also spent all afternoon with surfboards at a beach in Playa Hermosa. Michael taught me the basics of how to surf and then let me be as I tried to ride wave after wave. I figured out that even riding on your belly is pretty damn fun. Anyway, when I finally stood up on my surfboard, I looked up and saw that he was riding the same wave with me!! We had the biggest, cheesiest grins on our faces before we ate it. 😋


Arenal Volcano

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Just us and Arenal.
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Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica.


Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park

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We are complete jerks to each other sometimes, so yes… those are both of his middle fingers. And yes, the sentiment was returned. I have an obsession with suspension bridges, so this place was awesome!


La Tigra, Costa Rica
Airbnb #2

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Our second favorite Airbnb’s host, Jay!! He and his wife live on 22 acres, and one afternoon he took us on a 2-3 hour hike around his property showing us all of the plants and vegetables he grew. We ended the hike with his wife making us fresh fruit juices from their garden. This couple made the place feel so special. Forever grateful.
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Jay had us plant some “guanabana” trees on his property, which are used in cancer research there. Such a meaningful activity to be a part of.
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His baby pineapples! We both never knew pineapples grew from the tops of other pineapples!? So neat!
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On our hike with Jay, he showed us some ‘survival’ tips. This white bark tree has oil seeping from it, so if you ever need help or a fire started, just cut off a piece of this tree.
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At Jay’s Airbnb.


Nocturnal Festival in Palmaras, Costa Rica

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Where I gambled so much we lost $300, but…I almost won us $4000 though…😅


Montezuma, Costa Rica
We stayed in a hostel in this cute beach town.

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Lazy days at several beaches are a must in Costa Rica.


Alajuela, Costa Rica

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Sunset on our last evening there. 💛

There are so many moments we didn’t capture because we were so lost in the moment or capturing it wouldn’t do it justice.

For example, when we visited Montezuma, we took an night walk on the beach and we happened to look up to the sky and the stars were un-be-liev-able. We were so shocked. We have never seen so many stars like this. We immediately laid into the sand and stargazed for hours. The milky way was visible and you should see shooting stars. Is there any better way to end the evening???

Our advice: go to Costa Rica and embrace pura vida.

pura vida – to live a peaceful, simple, uncluttered life with deep appreciation of nature, family and friends; a ‘real living’ that reflects happiness, well-being, and satisfaction.


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  1. What we are learning in Hawaii is that sometimes your soul is at home in a place that may not make sense intellectually. For true happiness, follow your heart, everything else will fall into place!
    Love you!!

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