true colors in hawaii.

Sharing Michael’s parents first time visiting Hawaii! It made our hearts so happy to hear about their adventures and see their photos. We couldn’t help but share some of them. I seriously cannot get over all of the shades of blue coming off of the sky and the ocean water. It is just something else.

With Michael’s dad, Nick, having stage IV kidney cancer, seeing them take this bucket-list trip is heartwarming. They have gone on so many incredible trips in the last two years. Nick has a huge interest in war history, and he just came back from France visiting WWII sites. So having him get the chance to visit Pearl Harbor with his wife, Kim, was a pretty surreal moment. This trip to Hawaii may have been unexpected, but it turned out to be perfect timing.

I know they’re still exploring Hawaii, but we are so thankful they are still having a romantic trip together. These two have really taught us the value of making every moment count and making the best of any situation. Pretty sure Hawaii is on our travel list next year!

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Look at these two cuties! 


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  1. Oh wow, those beaches look amazing! I’m actually headed to Oahu for my bachelorette in the morning. Can’t wait to relax on the beach and not think about work.

    Hope you’re having a good trip as well! And that there’s good news regarding our situation. ❤

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      1. Oh, that’s amazing! That’s such a perfect place and I know you guys are going to have so much fun. Unwind and enjoy your weekend, Cammie! ❤️

        And thank you! Haha we are definitely excited to not think about work too.


  2. So glad they were able to go and have such a wonderful trip! Based on the beautiful views, I can understand them not wanting to leave! I will save my money to visit!

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  3. Hey, Kiddos!
    Having a blast. The famous surf beaches on the North Shore look like lakes right now, but I bet it’s rocking up there in the winter. Posted pics from Pearl Harbor on FB. Really awesome there.
    Michael, I will take care of the situation we talked about tonight or tomorrow. Have a fishing excursion planned for tomorrow morning.
    Love you guys! Dad


    1. I’m so happy you have got to really experience all of Hawaii… well besides the great surf we always dreamed of! Fishing will be so much fun and peaceful I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Love you guys ❤️


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