our 2019.

Can you believe 2020 is right around the corner? How is there only two more days of this year left?

As it typically does, another year has flown by without us realizing it. And of course, so much has happened. We were driving home the other day and we just went back and forth about what was most memorable and what wasn’t.

We aren’t going to write about what wasn’t so great, but in no particular order, here are a few of our favorites from 2019. 😊

Costa Rica.

Our lovely honeymoon.

Homemade goodies.

Pecan Pie bars – I fell in love with baking this year and this is one of my favorite things to make. I baked these for pretty much any holiday thing we went to. It’s Michael’s favorite… or wait, maybe it’s cheesecake. Either way, we love them!

Bún riêu (vietnamese crab noodle soup) – I made this noodle soup dish for the first time and I used local Dungeness crab. After nurturing the broth for several hours and using the freshest ingredients I could find… holy moly it was so delicious! We ate it for a week straight and we weren’t even tired of it.

Our wedding.

We had our western-style wedding ceremony in April beautifully officiated by Michael’s dad. Then in November, we had our Vietnamese tea ceremony and reception. In a few words, April was breathtaking and deeply meaningful, while November was just the biggest party and it was an absolute blast.

Family “Thank-mas”.

This trip to San Francisco with Michael’s family in wine country was the best time and we wish we stayed longer! We did a thank-mas trip where we all met up between thanksgiving and christmas. We got our niece a ukulele and her smile seeing uncle Michael play makes our hearts melt.

Sunsets & sunrises.

Favorite sunsets this year? It’s a tie between Dog Mountain & Mount Rainier.

Favorite sunrise? This one was hard… and not because we had so many to choose from. We kind of hate waking up early hahah, so Costa Rica was our favorite sunrise because we had to get up to catch a flight.

Alvord Desert.

Our friends planned this trip at the desert and a total of nineteen friends all came together for a three day weekend. It was so much fun! Bonfires every night, so many stars, endless routes for bike riding. Yeah, definitely one for the books.

I graduated.

Went back to school for my second degree in Radiation Oncology Therapy, and it was one heck of an academic ride. Michael supported the both of us while I was in school and never made me feel like I owed him something. I can’t even express how much I appreciate him. 💙

With the new year, there are always questions regarding one’s resolutions. I’m not sure exactly what ours are yet, but we tend to focus on lifelong goals such as:

Be kinder. Practice vulnerability. Communicate more. Improve emotional intelligence. Recognize each other’s love languages. Be more understanding. Save. Forgive quicker. Overcome fears. & so much more.

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. Benjamin Franklin

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