swimming in circles.

Mac Miller | Good News (his favorite)

Mac Miller | Woods (her favorite)

One of our favorite artists to listen to is hands-down Mac Miller. If you think he was just this backpack rapper, you couldn’t be more far from the truth. As he progressed, he was able to merge hip-hop with infectious funk or dreamy melodies on top of lyrics that displayed his undeniable maturity as a musician. There is also such a raw vulnerability from him when you listen to his music.

His latest posthumous album, Circles, just released a few days ago and it is hitting us a little differently. It’s unlike anything we have heard from him. I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me cry a few times listening to it in its entirety. The world kind of slows down when you listen to it.

This album is a beautiful, melancholy companion piece to his incredible last album, Swimming. Together, the concept is Swimming in Circles. And to be honest, it’s pretty heartbreaking to listen to.

It’s soul-baring, nourishing, and endearing.

It talks about mental health battles and insatiable longings for love and inner peace in such a real way that it’s hard to feel alone in those struggles.

Miller gets it.
He gets me.
He gets us.

There are so many verses that struck me and have continued to linger in my musings.

Brea Cubit

Definitely recommend plugging in your headphones and playing Swimming and Circles back-to-back. It’ll have you feeling some type of way.


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  1. I do like me some Mac Miller. If you haven’t heard it already, you should check out the song “Time” by Free Nationals. He is featured in the song and it has that groovy funk feel. Love it!


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