rough start.

A lot of people have this idea that we had this smooth & romantic start to our relationship, and well… we did… until I messed it up. I really believed that Michael was going to be a missed connection that I would always regret letting him go.

July 24th, 2016 | We met at a coffee shop. I was standing behind him in line.

August 27th, 2016 | We had our first date.
This date lasted for ~13 hours, and it was magical. He planned everything, and it couldn’t have gone better. (I’m now trying to think about all that we did… there was the Greenbelt. Cave exploring. Via 313 pizza on a dock. Mexican food with Kristina and her brother. Elephant room. The Firehouse. Amy’s ice cream. The Crescent rooftop with no one around. The best first kiss of my life. I definitely felt drunk in love, not gonna lie.)

August 28th, 2016. Taken by Kristina.

September 2016 | I, stupidly, broke things off and we stopped talking.

October 7th, 2016 | Michael sent me this sweet, unexpected text after we stopped talking for about a month.

October 7th, 2016. 😭😭

October 30th, 2016 | We made things ‘official’. 💕

I broke things off with Michael because I had a friend that lived closer to me that I was starting to have feelings for as well. It was a confusing time emotionally, to say the least. My solution was to pick the ‘convenient’ choice and end things with Michael even if I wasn’t 100% sure. Dumb, I know. Turns out, that ‘friend’ was a complete asshole and all of that charm I was met with in the beginning, was just a façade that he didn’t think I would see past.

After I quickly ended things with that friend, I kept wondering ‘how can I get Michael back? did I just miss out on someone special?’.

When Michael texted me out of the blue, it honestly felt like fate or that there was some unexplainable force pulling us back together. I remember freaking out at work and told everyone there because they knew the whole situation.

Throughout our relationship over the past three years, there has definitely been some ups, downs, and so many adventures in between. Out of all of the adventures we’ve been on though, being in love has been my favorite one of them all.

Our first weekend we moved to Oregon together after being long distance. 😍

Love isn’t practical. It isn’t meant to be easy. It doesn’t appear on command. It doesn’t let you fall for whomever you’d like. It surfaces neither at the most opportune moment nor in the most convenient. It might pair you with someone you might never have expected. It’ll put you face to face with endless obstacles. But in the end, none of that will matter because it’s how you overcome its obstacles that will define your love. It may not be practical, but love is ultimately the best thing that will ever happen to you.


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